General FAQ's

Why should I buy the product?
It is a complete and comprehensive solution for managing attendance and leave of your employees.
It is cost efficient, user friendly, secure and has features like location tracking and screen capture which no other software has currently.

How do I get started?
Download the ALMS software from our official website by choosing download tab present in the home page.

What is the threshold of total number of employees it can manage?
You can add and manage as much employees as you want. There is no limit to the number of employees.

Do you charge extra for maintenance and support?
No, there is absolutely no charge for both maintenance and support.

How can I pay?
You can pay through credit card, debit card or internet banking.

What devices does it support?
It supports all the platforms like android and ios.

How can I cancel my plan?
To cancel your plan just write to us at support@almspro.com .

Can I view/print/import reports?
Yes you can view, print and import reports.

How can I upgrade my plan?
To upgrade just go to Pricing tab ->Upgrade

Is my data secured?
Yes, your data is absolutely secured. We use strict rules, cypher text and SSL certifications.

Is my data backed up?
Yes, your data is backed up all the time. You need not to worry about any loss to your data.

Is there a limit to the maximum number of departments I can add?
No you can have as many departments as you wish.

Can ALMS be integrated with Biometrics?
Yes it can be very easily integrated with Biometrics.

What is the cost of license renewal?
There is no cost of license renewal but you will have pay for the product if you want to install a newer version.

What type of businesses can benefit from ALMS?
ALMS is beneficial for companies dealing in variety of sectors like manufacturing, software consulting, retail, finance, telecommunications, education, media, E-commerce etc.


How to add attendance manually ?
For this click on (Attendance -> Add new Attendance(Below the Search link)).New popup will open,fill the form and click on "save" .


How to send leave request?
For this move cursor on "leave" and click on (Leave ->View Leaves ->Request Leave(Below the Search link)).Fill the leave request form and click on "Save and Submit" Button.
How to update leave request ?
For this move cursor on "leave" and click on (Leave - > View Leaves - >Edit (any one row present in the leave list)) .Update the leave requested form and click on "Save and Submit" Button.


How to download report ?
For download report go to report page and click on export button below the search link.


How to send message like issue ,suggestion or enquiry ?
To send message click on Help from list .New screen will open click on Send Message Link below the Search link.New Popup will open to send message.
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