Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

With ALMS, employees have the ability to enter attendance and leaves information with an ease. It will completely automate your organization’s attendance and leave management system. You will also have the ability to track employee’s attendance through your smartphone. You can spend more time in analyzing the data rather than collecting it.

Bird’s Eye View on Employees

ALMS has features like location tracking and screen capture, which allows you to keep a track of employee’s location and work. You can set different frequencies for different users, after which the software would take screen shots on employee’s computer screen at a specified interval of time. This will enable you to know what your employee is exactly working on.


ALMS can be installed on a Cloud platform and also at the customer’s location. The ALMS is available on popular platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. ALMS can be used for small as well as large business enterprises. Employers can set their own work timings, location, leave types, user roles depending upon their organization’s policies. The ALMS is a robust and highly customizable application.

Security and Configurability

ALMS uses secure SSL certificates. The ALMS is a highly secured application and your data will always be kept confidential. All your company’s data will be stored in a secured server and will always be backed up.
ALMS can be easily configured as per your company requirements. You can set your own work timings, working locations, leave types, user roles, screen capture frequencies, location tracking frequencies and many other things.